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Nursery Tales Around the World

Illustrated by Stefano Vitale


Aesop Prize, American Folklore Society

American Library Association Notable Book

200 Best Books of the 20th Century, Scholastic Books

Best Book of the 20th Century, San Francisco Chronicle




Runaway Cookies

    The Gingerbread Man (United States)
    The Pancake (Norway)
    The Bun (Russia)

Incredible Appetites

    I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (United States)
    The Boy Who Tried to Fool His Father

      (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
    The Cat and the Parrot (India)

The Victory of the Smallest

    Sody Sallyraytus (United States)
    The Ram in the Chile Patch (Mexico)

    Odon the Giant (Philippines)

Chain Tales

This Is the House That Jack Built (England)
    Anansi and the Pig (Jamaica)
    The Rooster and the Mouse (Italy)

Slowpokes and Speedsters

The Hare and the Tortoise (Greece)
    The Coyote and the Rabbit (United States, Pueblo)
    The Fox and the Crab (China)

Fooling the Big Bad Wolf

The Gunny Wolf (United States)
    Groundhog's Dance (United States, Cherokee)
    The Three Pigs (England)